All for Jesus : The Easy Ways of Divine Love

All for Jesus : The Easy Ways of Divine Love


"I want to beguile you into serving Jesus out of love," says Father Faber, for "everything comes easy to love." With this objective, Fr. Faber sets out, in All for Jesus, to inspire us with "plenteous reasons" why we should serve God out of love. For if we did, "Years would seem but days, for the greatness of our love." Because one must know God before he can love Him, Fr. Faber develops for his reader several extremely powerful motives for our loving God, and then he offers a number of very creative ways in which we can best serve God out of love, rather than just out of duty. For "Nothing is easy, which we are not happy while we are doing," he says. In other words, Fr. Faber shows here how to make the service of God easy-by doing all for love of God! He says, once we adopt this approach, "There is not a single thing we do all day long, which may not, and that quite easily, be made to advance the glory of God, the interests of Jesus, and the salvation of souls." For "It is incredible how dear the glory of God becomes to those who are continually on the lookout for it." All for Jesus is one of Fr. Faber's greatest books and was written precisely to help us save our souls by doing ALL for Him out of LOVE for Him which is by far the easiest way of salvation.

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